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[IP] basal rates

ruth asked what everyone's basal rates were:

mid - 4 am = .4
4am - 7am = .8
7am - 4 pm = .5
4pm -midnight = .4

When it is PMS week, all basals are increased by at least .1
I also sometimes have a 4pm to 8pm basal of .3 if I KNOW I am gonna work out.

My total daily intake of bolus + basal is about 28 - 32 depending on it I am 
eating ben and jerrys or not...more often NOT!

These are mine...everyone else on EARTH will have slightly different numbers 
and slightly different times...not every one HAS a dawn phenomena...not 
everyone NEEDS a higher basal rate during PMS...you can't compare your 
numbers to some one elses...just cuz one person uses 150 units a day doesn't 
make him any less in control or any more of an eater than me!

remember YMWV - Your Mileage WILL Vary!!!

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