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Re: [IP] Help - E-mail that won't quit!

And you can eat whenever you want...what a liberating thought....but no 
longer a thought...a fact!!!   My daughter and I are thrilled at the fact 
that she doesn't have to wake up on the weekends or vacations. She doesn't 
have to eat if she doesn't want to...hopefully no more forcing carbs into her 
at 3am...ugh. And she can eat all she wants to with just the push of a 
button. Ahhhh...pump life is great.  In fact, we were camping at Sky Line 
Drive in Virgina, and spent days hiking and eating whenever we could.  We had 
s'mores over the campfire each night.  And even went until late afternoon 
before eating a real meal.

With a little work...it's all worth it.

Mom to Rachel (12)
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