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[IP] Re: Alex's new blue MM

> From: Leann Pruitt <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Alex is getting his Blue MM on Tuesday!!!!!
> Alex couldn't decide if he wanted the long or short tubing, it seems like the short would be easier to
> wear during the day but he seems to think he would prefer the long for sleeping, so they are sending some
> of both.

Congratulations Alex!!  (and Leann!!)  I totally agree with him--it's nice during the day not to have lots
of tubing to contend with, but I'd like a longer "leash" at night.  Still, I've never pulled a site with
either type.  Experiment a little and see what works.

And beware of tubing-munching cats, if you have them.  Mine likes to bite through my tubing occasionally at
night.  If I hide the pump and tubing with clothes or covers, he forgets it's there.


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