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RE: [IP] Lethal Lancets

The ADA and the rehabilitation act of 1997 insist that students with
disabilities be "fully integrated" with the least stigma and allowed to
"fully participate in all programs".  The way I read it, if they don't like
you doing it in the class then they can build a little room in the class
that you can do it in.  They have to build ramps for wheelchairs to get into
the class room.  Wheel chairs could be perceived as dangerous to other kids.

In my opinion, this means not removing anyone from the classroom to test or
treat lows.  

In addition, Osha regulations that our school tried to site as a reason not
to test in the classroom are specific in defining what is a blood borne
pathogen.  They say that the material when squeezed must produce liquid
blood or mucus or some other fluid that is considered a pathogen.  Or that
if dry would flake off and be air borne.  This does not pertain to BG test
material as they don't have enough blood.  Or, lets say it does, then
everybody that blows their nose must go to the nurses station as there could
be drops of blood in that tissue.  Keep your lancet in an OSHA approved
container (hard and puncture resistant)

Our district has a zero tolerance policy about knives.  Kids have been
expelled for butter knives in their lunchbox.  This is all well and good but
only if the parents are willing to go along, as the kids have not violated
any law.  Diabetic kids have an automatic exclusion as they are protected
under the above laws.

If your school is discriminating against you, then become a problem to them.
Write letters to them telling them that they are discriminating against you,
get a doctors prescription to test in the class not the office, go to a
diabetes nurse educator and have them write a note stating that you are safe
and competent to do BG in the classroom.  Get a copy of the California
school nurses organizations policy about testing in the class.. they say it
is ok.  Look up the laws on the net and extract out the parts that pertain
to you.  Talk to someone above the school site personnel, like the
superintendent.  Educate them, but don't take any @#^%$^.  You have rights
and throughout your whole life will have to stand up and fight to keep
yourself healthy.  Letting some dictatorly principal or school nurse degrade
your endless efforts to maintain your health is not a good thing, the same
goes with anybody that gets in your way of staying healthy.

Curtis Lomax, Dad of Emily and Marina.  One pumper and one rocker.
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They are required by law to let you test as required where required.

Are all states required to allow this?  And if so,  were might I find this 
law so I can use this as ammo, in case I need it, in just a few weeks when 
school starts?

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