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Re: [IP] correlation between HbA1C and average BG

email @ redacted wrote:
> Avner, the formula I've seen is A1C = (BG + 86)/33.   For your numbers that
> puts you at about an AiC of 5.9, not 4.9.  However, the formula is more
> accurate at higher BGs, because the relation between A1C and BG is
> nonlinear (higher BGs  also have a much bigger effect on the
> glycosolation), and the formula above describes a straight line.  Indeed,
> according to the formula, with an A1C of 4.1, you'd have a BG of 50!!!
> Since A1Cs of 4.0 are in the normal range, and since normals don't live
> with an average BG of 50, you can see the inaccuracy.  In the lower range
> of BGs, this formula will increasingly understimate the actual average BG.
>         But you must be living like a robot to have achieved such good
> numbers.  I can't hardly ever get my SD below 60, nor my A1C below 6.4.   A
> SD of 46 is pretty impressive.  I don't know how much more fine tuned you
> can get!!  What, you want to be normal or something?

OK, there's a problem with this idea. A1c tests vary by lab and test machine
used, so they can NO be correlated this way. Each situation is different, and
unfortunaely there are no real standards for the tests yet, so equating
them acoording to what works where you are with his results is only going
to be confusing.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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