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[IP] kids at camp

Dear Barb,

I know EXACTLY how you feel!!! I was at that lonely place last week! Kevin 
did great at camp ! I worried about all the same things too! It is funny to 
hear you! I wondered if he was high if they would OVER correct him, or low if 
they would let him treat like we do at home...and turn off (suspend) the pump 
at the right times....I know it is SO hard to walk away and let them take 
care of her! (know one does it like Mommy!) Believe me, by Wednesday you will 
feel better about it. Call tomorrow, and ask how she is doing. That's what 
made me feel 100% better right away. Knowing he got thru 1 day with no 
problems.  This was Kevins first time at camp and only 2 months on the pump.

Try to enjoy your mini "vacation" and RELAX.

Everyone told me this lastweek, and it helped  a little! LOL.  But it is 
true, she is in the best of hands!

Take care,

Mom of Kevin, dx 12/98
pumping since 5/99
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