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RE: [IP] correlation between HbA1C and average BG

Interesting, I have the opposite, i.e., my lowest BGs and  SD in the
morning and worst by far before bed.  Never seem to figure all that protein
right.  I think an A1C below 6.0 is probably too hard and maybe even too
dangerous.   I don't think it is worth us pumpers trying to get a better
formula.  I'm not even sure where it comes from, but it is at best an
approximation for those "bad" diabetics.  BG highs are about 8 times more
heaviliy weighted than lows in determining the A1C, so the meaning of the
BG average itself is not totally clear.
Happy pumping!  Maybe I should have said bionic man, instead of robot :-)

> Hi Wayne,
>I am not 'perfect' as these numbers 'show'. I have those lows that I would
>like to avoid - their frequency is much lower than pre-pump days. My endo
>suggested to reduce basals to raise the average by 10-15 points. I am going
>to work on this over the next weeks. I would like my A1C to be in the 6.0%
>As for the standard deviation - before pump I had large SD at morning time
>(~85). My lowest SD was at 10-11pm ~60. After starting pump therpy, my
>fluctuations were reduced significantly - this 46 standard deviation is a
>proof of my better control.
>Thanks for the formula. It does not explain my average vs A1C. Should we
>collect data from others and modify it...?  As for being a robot, or trying
>to be 'normal' - I am normal, not perfect, trying to improve my control -
>A1C of 5.0% does not impress me too much.

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