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[IP] Re:(IP)Pumping During Heart Surgery

<<Has anyone had experience with an insulin pump during heart surgery?  I am 
going to have my second heart bypass surgery next week and don't know what 
position to take about whether I should continue on the pump during the 
surgery and recovery.  I was on injections the first time (10 years ago) and 
was placed on an insulin drip which resulted in very poor control.  Any info 
will be appreciated.>>

I don't have personal experience with this, but the last place I worked did a 
lot of CABG surgery. I worked with the medical and nursing staff regarding BG 
control when CABG was needed for people with diabetes. The trauma of the 
surgery can increase to 3 times basal insulin needs, not to mention about 2 
or 3 IV medications used for BP, blood flow, and inflammation. You need to 
talk this over with your endo. He or she needs to be part of the treatment 
team. It is possible you will not be eating solid food for about 3 or 4 days. 
Your basal rate, if they let you have the pump in place, will likely need to 
be raised until the IV meds are decreased and removed.  Surgeons are most 
comfortable with your BG around 150 to 200. Our endo was happier with the 
post-op BG at 120 to 160, but that makes surgeons extremely nervous. Nobody 
wants your BG below 100. Good healing for the surgery takes place with the BG 
below 200, so ther might be a compromise in there someplace. You need to 
discuss what you want with the medical team. Sorry to hear that you have to 
have the surgery. Good luck and God Bless.

Barbara B. 
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