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Re: [IP] Pumping during heart surgery ??

> Has anyone had experience with an insulin pump during heart surgery?
>  I am going to have my second heart bypass surgery next week and
> don't know what position to take about whether I should continue on
> the pump during the surgery and recovery.  I was on injections the
> first time (10 years ago) and was placed on an insulin drip which
> resulted in very poor control.  Any info will be appreciated.
The most important person during the surgery is the anestheisologist. 
Find out who it is going to be, set up an appointment and visit with 
them. You might want to have your endo in tow also, if the person is 
not comfortable with or has no knowledge of pumps. They will want 
your bg's to be about 200 during the surgery so stress won't dump you 
in the toilet so to speak. You will have to decide, but confer with 
the person who puts you under and is responsible for bringing you 
back again.
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