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Re: [IP] afternoon naptime dawn effects (revised)

> We are newbies and need help. My daughter Eve sometime will take an
> afternoon nap when she has been up too  late the night before. When
> she falls asleep it's just in a chair some where, so we don't know
> when to test her blood before she falls asleep.We don't know if she
> is high before she falls asleep or her bgs rise when she is asleep.
> Can anyone help us?
> We only take Eve's bgs after she wakes up to find them at 250-350 I
> would like to know is this a dawn effect or what? Or what could be
> causing the rise in blood sugars.

Going to sleep frequently causes a bg rise in adolescents. There is a 
release of growth hormone and other similar things that increases 
their need for insulin. If she just drops off to sleep once in a 
while, you not be able to do anything about it until something like 
the glucowatch hits the market.

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