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Re: [IP] Lethal Lancets

> hi.  when we went to talk to my school nurse about testing and
> insulin at school, we ran into major problems.  I can understand why
> they prefer that during the day, I test in the nurses office.  (I do
> not currently need to give insulin during the school day) of course,
> not that I don't test in class anyway.  but, i was originally told
> that if I needed to test or take insulin at school, such as at night
> at a rehearsal or anything like that, that I couldn't do this. 

They are required by law to let you test as required where required.
Get your parents to request that the school establish a 504 plan for 
you. They are also required by law to do this though many school 
districts resist. Have your Mom or Dad contact me if necessary.

650 494 3351

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