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Re: [IP] correlation between HbA1C and average BG

> This question is addressed to those pumpers who keep records of
> average BG. I would like to know if there is a simple multiplier
> between HbA1C and last three months average BG value?
> I got my HbA1C today - it is 4.97%. My last three months average is
> 108.8 and standard deviation of 46.0. (this average is based on ~600
> samples - so it is a reliable number)
> I was under the impression that HbA1C multiplied by ~18 gives the
> estimated average. Seems that it is not the case.

Yes --- and no. you can get the average bg with a multiplier from 
hba1c, but not the other way around. If you have many bg readings and 
attempt to average them to calculate hba1c, this will not work.

the relationship is as follow, but the constants may differ for 
different labs.

formula HbA1c*33.3-86=avg glucose

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