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Re: [IP] can we go any lower on a basal?????

> all day today, geneva was just going low after low.  of course then
> she would treat and go up to about 230 in between.  (her lows are
> around 69-95, treated with 15 carbs sometimes twice as the first
> time did not work for her)

Try being more moderate with both the low treatment and the bolus for 
highs. Lily takes enough glucose to get her to 125 and tests again in 
20 minutes, repeating the procedure until she stabalizes. 5 grams 
raises her bg 25 points. Geneva is smaller, so even less carb might 
be necessary. Also, the high might be a rebound, not caused by the 
carb intake.

Consider cutting back her basal rates as well. Once you get very well 
regulated, insulin requirements do drop.

> she was on a 0.2 basal from 3 am until now...9 PM PST.
> is is possible to have a carb ratio more than 1:25?

Also, there is more of a tail on the mix and if you have unwittingly 
been using too much insulin for meals, you will definetly go low 
about 3 hours afterwards. Been there done that with Lily when we 
first started mixing. Try raising the carb insulin ration by 10% at a 
crack and stop when it stabalizes.

> she is 10 and weighs about 87 lbs.  pre-pump insulin requirements
> were: total insulin- 26-28.
> I don't know whether to adjust to 0.1 for the whole day...or go to a
> 1:30 or 1:35 carb ratio.
Might need to do both. Time to profile basal requirements again.

> is any kid out there  on a 0.1 basal for any time of day?
Lily ran 0.0u/hr (zero) for 5 hours a day for almost a year after she 
started pumping. At night she was about 0.5 or 0.6 as I recall and 
0.2 in the mornings.

The basal profile will tell all!!
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