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[IP] Erica is at camp...I want to be there too!

Hi folks,

Yesterday I spent three hours in the medical hut when I dropped Erica
off at camp.  They were wonderful, full of questions, watched an
insertion, but were SO busy with children being dropped off.  I
marvelled at their calm and cool with campers arriving low (parents
forgetting to give them lunch!) and kids very high because of the
stress.  Erica's sugar, 128 :)

Poor Erica was very nervous about who would know what to do to help her
out in a jam.  I finally got across the fact that she was carbo counting
NO EXCHANGES PLEASE, and the lovely dietitian told her staff that Erica
belonged to her.  Now, when Erica goes up to eat, she picks what she
wants and Michelle will tell her the total carbs and they will bolus
accordingly.  Erica blew Michelle's mind when she had her afternoon
snack, figured out the bolus in her head (easy when it is 20:1) and then
pressed the necessary buttons.  When I asked Erica to show her how it
was done, Erica started to explain Square Wave boluses, Dual Wave
boluses, and why you use them...Michelle just stared with her mouth
open.  I do believe Michelle now wants a pump :)

It was/is so difficult having her there wondering if they are
overtreating her, forgetting to help her find a place for the pump at
swim time, not bolusing down the high sugars.  All good intentions, but
so busy.  Wednesday I will likely pace the floor all day waiting for a
call saying that Erica won't allow the CDE to insert her Silhouette.
Sheilagh, the CDE, watched an insertion yesterday and asked Erica if she
would help her out on another Sil insertion with another pumper on
Tuesday and that way Erica would be more comfortable with things when
her site change rolls around on Wednesday.  They are trying so hard to
make this work for the pumpers.  First time for the camp to have
pumpers, won't be the last.  When the staff and helpers saw Erica's
numbers they were flabbergasted!  I know they won't be like that over
this week, as they will likely overtreat, and not allow Erica too much
freedom with pushing buttons to bring down highs.  But hopefully she
will be assertive and convince them to let her use her commonsense.

Sorry for such a long one, I had to share.  I know other moms out there
are going through similar things.  Adults who were in camp and had
positive & negative experiences.  Erica's has been positive the past 3
yrs, I am hoping this year will be the same.  I keep seeing that
beautiful little face when she was waving goodbye and I wanted to go
back and grab her up and take her home.  Jeez...I am getting mopey
thinking about it again.
I miss her and hope she is adjusting okay to being a pumping camper.  I
had even suggested to her that she might want to go back on needles just
for this week and she gave me an emphatic NO!!

Well, must get on with my day.....it is just TOO quiet here!!

Barb....Erica's mom

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