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[IP] Re: Lethal Lancets

Gianna, Doreen,
Please tell me you are pulling our collective neuropathy-afflicted leg.

On  Sun, 01 Aug 1999 19:30:48 PDT  "gianna marzilli" <email @ redacted>

>> when we went to talk to my school nurse about testing and insulin at
school, we ran into major problems.  I can understand why they prefer that
during the day, I test in the nurses office.  >>

Why do they want you to test in the nurses office? Why CAN'T they bear to
have you do it in class?

>>(I do not currently need to give insulin during the school day) of course,
not that I don't test in class anyway.  but, i was originally told that if I
needed to test or take
insulin at school, such as at night at a rehearsal or anything like that,
that I couldn't do this.   First they suggested going out to my car to do
this (in the dark) but then decided I couldn't do this either because I was
still on school grounds.  the nurse had "never encountered this situation
before."  Anyway, eventually they came up with the brilliant idea that since
I had a car and lived "only a ten minute drive" from school, that I should
drive home, test and take my insulin, then drive back.  I tried to tell them
I shouldn't drive without knowing my blood sugar.  >>
I'm aghast. Have your parents  talked to Nurse Ratched??!! What supposedly
is their reason for opposing your injections?? Are they squeamish? Are they
in a panic about needles, fresh blood and AIDS?
And  on Sunday, Aug. 1, email @ redacted responded:

>>(snip) Here at my kids' schools in NY state a lancet is
considered a weapon. When we had a meeting with the nurses, principle and
teachers we were told that if the kids were caught with a lancet in their
possession they will be EXPELLED. No questions, no explanations--just
EXPELLED. So be careful not to get caught.   Doreen-mom of 2 pumpers>>

Doreen, have you protested? What did they tell you? Is this a state-wide

To everyone else: Is this going on elsewhere? Is the use of  medical devices
being restricted in your schools (or anywhere else for this matter)?
    And I thought the stupidest state policy was allowing free needle
distribution to heroin addicts while requiring us to get a prescription and
pay for the things.

Regards and sympathy from,
Anika (whose blood is boiling and she hasn't  even had breakfast yet)

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