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Re: [IP] What Color is Your Pump?

Susan, when I got my pump, the primary reason I chose MM over D at the time
was because I like the MM blue pump (D did not have colors then).  They
match my eyes.  And I'm even older than you *S*   You can imagine how happy
I was when soon after I got my blue pump, Apple came out with their
bondi-blue I-Macs.  Now I can pump and email all in blue.

<To the adults out there:
<Do very many of you choose the BLUE pumps for yourself --
<or do you mainly leave them for the kids.  I kind of like
<the blue, myself (but I am 47 years old, too).
I<f you don't like the blue pumps, what color do you prefer?
 <I think my decision is getting down to this now.
<Thanks for your help.

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