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Re: [IP] Lethal Lancets

In a message dated 8/2/99 6:57:50 AM Central Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

<< Yes they can ask for someone else to walk with them but they must go to 
 nurses office. If they collapse or seize the nurse will come to them with a 
 wheelchair and bring them down to her office. >>

This is outrageous.  What these people obviously don't understand is that 
with low bgs, sometimes the body goes and the mind is good and sometimes the 
mind goes and the body is good.  Either way, many don't have the ability to 
be rational and ask to be taken to the nurse.  I never had rational, 
predictable lows like that when I was a kid.    
My brother is a civil rights lawyer and I believe this is a great case for 
him.  Unfortunately, he doesn't live in NY.  However, if this were happening 
to my child, I would be going to court.  ellen
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