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[IP] Re: Color of the Pump

Hey Bob Day!

Congratulations on your decision to get a pump.
 whichever color you chose....whichever brand you 
chose....you'll love it!

Earnest is my brite bleu MiniMed 507C, and with a name
 like Earnest...he just had to be bleu.

Here's my way of thinking about the color of 

I used to be very practical.  When I purchased an 
expensive purse...like Coach, for example...I always selected black
thinking I'd get the most use from it.  Then a friend gave me a forest
green Coach purse...I 
don't have anything green in my wardrobe...but I loved it!  It would
never have occurred to me to buy a color because it was attractive...I
always went with
 practical and utilitarian.

That one forest green Coach purse taught me the joy of
 having something very nice...that was frivolous too. 
 So naturally, when I picked my MiniMed pump....I went 
for the bleu one! 

After all, in the whole scheme of things...color 
doesn't matter very much, does it?  Just take a peek 
at all three colors and select the one that appeals to 
you.....you'll never regret your choice, I promise.

Happy Pumping from Janet Marie
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