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Re: [IP] What Color is Your Pump?


I agree with you on the different color cases.  Maybe we
should contact MiniMed and Disetronic about it.  I would
love to have a pink one or the sparkles (for when I'm in
that kind of a mood)!

I was thinking I was too old for blue. But from the
feedback I have gotten here, I guess I'm not.

Thanks for writing.


--- Ginny Kloth <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Dear 8^),
> I have a blue pump and I am 50..I wish they would make
> different color
> shells that one could snap onto the pump so we could
> change colors. I would
> also like pink or purple or white. and maybe even one
> with sparkles.
> Black depresses me..
> So...Go with what you like...
> Ginny

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