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[IP] can we go any lower on a basal?????

hi pumpers!

another kink in our pumping line...

we started on the new velosulin humalog mix yesterday at dinner.

all day today, geneva was just going low after low.  of course then she
would treat and go up to about 230 in between.  (her lows are around 69-95,
treated with 15 carbs sometimes twice as the first time did not work for

she was on a 0.2 basal from 3 am until now...9 PM PST.

is is possible to have a carb ratio more than 1:25?
she is 10 and weighs about 87 lbs.  pre-pump insulin requirements were:
total insulin- 26-28.

I don't know whether to adjust to 0.1 for the whole day...or go to a 1:30 or
1:35 carb ratio.

is any kid out there  on a 0.1 basal for any time of day?

sure would like some feedback here.  maybe it is the new cocktail that we
are using.

I don't have a clue.  leaving on vacation tomorrow afternoon for a week.


ruth and geneva

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