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Re: [IP] insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #330

Right you are, Steve, we are the ones living with it and WE must take 
control. And so we should laugh also with/at them!  Depending on How 
they laugh, That might mean a New doctor for me.  

> >our team seemed to concur that I had way too many basals.  sometimes one
> every hour.  they told me that we should have about two or three at most

>  Sometimes they vary only .1/hr
> fromhour to hour.  Medical professionals will laugh and tell you .1 doesn't
> make that much difference.  My experience says they are wrong.  Every

> My advice is listen to your medical professionals, take what they tell and
> then adjust to what works best for you in controlling BG.  If that means
> many different settings so be it.  You are the one living with diabetes. 
> You must take control.
> Steve Bieringer

George Lovelace

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