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Re: [IP] Lethal Lancets

Wow. I think that is really harsh. I understand why they do it, but still.  
what happens if someone has a low blood sugar?  They have to make it to the 
nurse to test?  --gianna  (but thanks for the warning)

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>Subject: Re: [IP] Lethal Lancets
>Date: Sun, 1 Aug 1999 22:49:19 EDT
>In a message dated 8/1/99 9:32:07 PM EST, email @ redacted writes:
><< I'd just like to say that testing blood sugar and giving insulin is a
>  fact of life for diabetic kids.  And it usually needs to be done in 
>  Once you get to junior high or high school, it is very easy to do this on
>  your own schedule, and that is when I do it.  no amount of rules will 
>  that, no matter how well intentioned they are.  ---Gianna
>  p.s.  I can't wait till I get my pump--my principal will probably yell at 
>  for wearing a pager.  that is until I explain it to her . . .I could 
>  pull up my shirt and show her the needle . . . :) >>
>Just be careful Gianna, Here at my kids' schools in NY state a lancet is
>considered a weapon. When we had a meeting with the nurses, principle and
>teachers we were told that if the kids were caught with a lancet in their
>possession they will be EXPELLED. No questions, no explanations--just
>EXPELLED. So be careful not to get caught.   Doreen-mom of 2 pumpers
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