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Re: [IP] Lethal Lancets

hi.  when we went to talk to my school nurse about testing and insulin at 
school, we ran into major problems.  I can understand why they prefer that 
during the day, I test in the nurses office.  (I do not currently need to 
give insulin during the school day) of course, not that I don't test in 
class anyway.  but, i was originally told that if I needed to test or take 
insulin at school, such as at night at a rehearsal or anything like that, 
that I couldn't do this.  First they suggested going out to my car to do 
this (in the dark) but then decided I couldn't do this either because I was 
still on school grounds.  the nurse had "never encountered this situation 
before."  Anyway, eventually they came up with the brilliant idea that since 
I had a car and lived "only a ten minute drive" from school, that I should 
drive home, test and take my insulin, then drive back.  I tried to tell them 
I shouldn't drive without knowing my blood sugar.  They didn't even realize 
that insulin was for low blood sugar! when I asked the nurse about taking 
insulin, she said "oh, you mean before you exercise?"  not exactly.  anyway, 
they had NO CLUE.  so you know what? I do it at school anyway.  As far as 
the nurse thinks, I test my blood sugar once a day, in her office and that's 
it.  I'd just like to say that testing blood sugar and giving insulin is a 
fact of life for diabetic kids.  And it usually needs to be done in school.  
Once you get to junior high or high school, it is very easy to do this on 
your own schedule, and that is when I do it.  no amount of rules will stop 
that, no matter how well intentioned they are.  ---Gianna
p.s.  I can't wait till I get my pump--my principal will probably yell at me 
for wearing a pager.  that is until I explain it to her . . .I could always 
pull up my shirt and show her the needle . . . :)

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>Subject: [IP] Lethal Lancets
>Date: Sun, 1 Aug 1999 08:33:55 EDT
>Dear IP-ers:
>     I just received this from another e-mail group for those with a vested
>interest in diabetes....If you want to contact Mike who sent it, his e-mail
>is email @ redacted & I believe he lives in New Jersey.  .........
>Regards, Renee
>     Dear Folks:
>Wendy Meyers and myself have been in contact with the Head Nurse for the
>Department of Education.  She informs me that she is working on draft
>regulations to classify lancets as weapons and to only allow testing in the
>nurse's office.  This position is patenly discriminatory.  How will an
>athlete test themselves at an event or on the bus home from an event?  How
>will a student stay late at school to practice for the school play?
>If any of you have experience with this issue
>Contacts with people who could help
>Any other suggestions to stop this madness in its tracks
>Any other examples of how our children would be blocked from normal
>participation in school events
>Please contact me and let me know.
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