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Re: [IP] afternoon naptime dawn effects

> We are newbies and need help. My daughter Eve sometime will take an
> afternoon nap when she has been up too  late the night before. When she
> falls asleep it's just in a chair some where, so we don't know when to test
> her blood before she falls asleep.We don't know if she is high before she
> falls asleep or her bgs rise when she is asleep. Can anyone help us?
leave her be. She can test when she wakes up. If you're lucky you can get 
a data point from an hour or two before the nap. Over time you will 
collect the information you need by keeping good records. No, it's not 
ideal, but she needs a 'life' as well, without constant interruptions. Be 
patient, you will get the information over a couple of months.
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