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>our team seemed to concur that I had way too many basals.  sometimes one
every hour.  they told me that we should have about two or three at most<

First, I am neither a Doctor not a health care professional.  But I have
been pumping for 18 years.  One of the major steps forward in pumping was
when it became possible to set variable basals (my first pump allowed only
one basal setting).  

My basal settings now run from .5/hr to .9/hr.  In the winter when I
exercise less they will go up to 1.3/hr.  Sometimes they vary only .1/hr
fromhour to hour.  Medical professionals will laugh and tell you .1 doesn't
make that much difference.  My experience says they are wrong.  Every
hourly setting for me has been arrived at over time and reflects what works
for me.  .1/hr does make a difference for me, especially overnight.

My advice is listen to your medical professionals, take what they tell and
then adjust to what works best for you in controlling BG.  If that means
many different settings so be it.  You are the one living with diabetes. 
You must take control.

Steve Bieringer
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