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Re: [IP] Donating blood!!

Just a quick note on blood donations. Your persona basal and bolus
dosages when take insulin work because of several factors. One very
important one is that the dosages are based on the volume of blood you
have in your body. reduce the volume and all of your dosage calculation
will have to be recalculated. This is also true if you loose a lot of
blood, receive extra blood, or if you are having any changes in your
blood volume in your body. It's really pretty simple, if you want to
donate blood you need to start from scratch to recalculate basals and
boluses. And when your body replenishes the supply it recalculate all
over again.

There is no difference between a diabetics blood and someone w/o
diabetes in terms of "bad stuff in the blood." Ours is as good as
theirs, we just need to keep track of ours...

Thank you,

Stephen Woodward
email @ redacted

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