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Re: [IP] Re: returning home from camp

In a message dated 8/1/99 12:42:33 AM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

<< I guess some of the diabetes camps aren't quite as well educated about
 pumpers as others. >>

I just got back from dropping Stephen off.  The staff, in general, are 
clueless about pumps, but they are going out to their way to learn and 
accommodate the two pumpers they have there this year. (About 100 kids total) 
There are also 2 staff people who have been pumping a while, so I hope their 
"expertise" is used.  The med staff and the dietary staff sounded like they 
will try to do everything they can to let the pumpers be pumpers (test time, 
what they need/don't need to eat, calculators handy for calculating insulin 
boluses at mealtimes, etc)  The councilors in his cabin are not pump 
familiar, and there are 15 kids in the cabin, so I hope things work out 
there. (3 councilors in the cabin).  As we were leaving, the kids were 
getting ready to swim, and the boy in the bed next to his said "hey cool! a 
pump.  I'm getting mine in Sept!"  Another girl in line at check in also 
inquired.  I suspect next year there will be quite a few more pumpers.  A lot 
of staff people came up to meet Stephen and to see his pump.  At the research 
table, they were signing up kids to do a survey about teens with diabetes and 
eating, when I asked if he could do the survey, since he was a pumper, the 
researcher came over and said "so your're one of the famous pumpers here this 
year!"  I guess everyone is going to be watching to see what/how these two 
kids do.  Stephen is 12, and the girl is 13 or 14 I heard.

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