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[IP] headaces

i am so glad that the pump is avaiable for your child, even when i was diagnosed at age 19 i thought it was hard. And your child is very lucky to have a Mom like you. But back to the headaches, i get them both if my sugar drops or goes high.Back in Oct of this past year i went on the low carb- high protein diet, which at first i was doing great, then i had lost so much weight, and my pump was programed in giving me insulin still at the weight i was, but what was happening it had no where to go, so one day i had drove home from out nearest shopping place which is about 45 miles from my home, i had felt it droping, so i stoped at the store and picked up several things,got to the cash register and blacked completely out, left with out paying for my food, got into my truck and by the grace of God he drove me home, still feeling like i was in a dream, came in laid on my bed and went out, the next thing i know i awoke hitting my son , and neighbors, they called 911.gave me sugar. tried to take me to the hosp but i refused, since our local hosp is called the band-aide station. it finally began to come up, but my brains felt as if they were gonna jump out of my head. the next day i called my endo and got into see him, and he lowered my basels, because the less you weigh the less insulin you need. Sometimes i think my family probably thinks i make up the headaches, but as a child my dad suffered from diabetes and now i know what he went through alot of his life.he did'nt live but to be 51, and i wish the pump was available then for him. my doctor gave me some glucagon emergency kits to have on hand. if anyone needs info about them just e-mail me.
Teresa Eakins