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[IP] back from camp too

Kevin is home in one piece! :)

Amy glad you had fun and your bgs were good. Kevin too had 2 lows. One 40 at 
night that was after the dance. He said his whole cabin was low. One kid in 
his cabin had a seizure but returned the next day.  (unbelievable) Other than 
those 2 lows...his bgs were wonderful!!! Thanks to the pump and Kevins 
remarkable carb counting! :)  Thanks for checking on him too.

kevin hated that he had to eat 3 snacks too. In fact he didnt eat lunch until 
he felt hungry around 2pm coming home yesterday and then didnt eat dinner 
because he wasnt hungry. I'm letting him exercise his power to choose since 
he CAN with this pump. He said he didnt bolus every snack either. No one else 
was...and that he felt he shouldnt. Oh well Bgs were good, so I cant complain.

I dont think Kevin would have had the lows if he knew to suspend his pump 
during the dance or the activities in the hot sun. 

I'm proud of what he accomplished in this week! Thanks gang for listening.

Mom of Kevin, 11, dx 12/98
pumping since May 99
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