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Re: [IP] transplant


I know two people who've had pancreas transplants. Technically, the 
transplants were categorized as SPK - Simultaneous Pancreas Kidney 
transplants. The pancreas transplant was done at the same time a kidney was 
transplanted (each person was approaching renal failure, hence the need for 
a kidney). The other types of transplant I know of are categorized as PAK - 
Pancreas After Kidney and PTA - Pancreas Transplant Alone.

One friend has been insulin free for approximately 5 years now. He is an 
active volunteer fireman, works full time. He recently spent a couple weeks 
on a sailboat in the Caribbean (second trip since the transplant). He and 
his wife both say it's like he's a new person, with a new lease on life. He 
lost a brother to diabetes related complications and was facing serious 
kidney and vision problems himself. The kidney transplant was absolutely 

I met the other transplant recipient through the Internet about 5 years 
ago. She was instrumental in my beginning insulin pump therapy. This person 
received a SPK transplant earlier this year, and recently wrote me, 
indicating she's doing well. She's still adjusting to the anti rejection 
drugs. Also totally insulin free. If you're interested, I can try to 
"introduce" you to her.

Obviously, the risk of rejection / failure is a factor. However, I see this 
as a factor, nothing more, nothing less. There are no "absolutes" with this 
disease, other than the fact we've got it and it won't go away on it's own. 
I think the advances in immunosuppresion drugs are exciting and offer 
further options to the short list of treatments available to us. 
Transplantation is still invasive therapy.

Someone earlier mentioned the book "Showdown With Diabetes". I recommend it 

The URL for Insulin - Free World Foundation is http://www.insulin-free.org.

Bob Burnett

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