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[IP] Lethal Lancets

Dear IP-ers:
    I just received this from another e-mail group for those with a vested 
interest in diabetes....If you want to contact Mike who sent it, his e-mail 
is email @ redacted & I believe he lives in New Jersey.  .........
Regards, Renee
    Dear Folks:

Wendy Meyers and myself have been in contact with the Head Nurse for the 
Department of Education.  She informs me that she is working on draft 
regulations to classify lancets as weapons and to only allow testing in the 
nurse's office.  This position is patenly discriminatory.  How will an 
athlete test themselves at an event or on the bus home from an event?  How 
will a student stay late at school to practice for the school play?

If any of you have experience with this issue
Contacts with people who could help
Any other suggestions to stop this madness in its tracks
Any other examples of how our children would be blocked from normal 
participation in school events

Please contact me and let me know.


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