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Re: [IP] Unsubscribe - Vacation - Smaycation

At 12:27 PM 07/31/1999  Brian Carter wrote:

>>I have to agree George I wonder how many people unsubscribe because of all
>>the unsubscribe messages we get.  In one day I would say 5-10% of messages
>>are to change to digest or unsubscribe.  That's a lot when you get 100-150 a
>>day from this list.
>I got about 260 emails  (not including the IP list)  Its fun and don't 
>mind  but the e-mail can be overwhelming.

There is also more of a chance that one of the admins may miss your request 
if you post it to the general list. Posting it to the HELP address, insures 
that we will see it.

Sam Skopp
Insulin Pumpers Administrator for the Week

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