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[IP] Re: A very bad day

At 10:57 PM 08/31/1998  Sue W wrote:
>Today I have had a very bad day and I am very depressed.  To top it off,
>this evening, I received the following e-mail from Michael (the list
><< There have been some gripes about the length the
>'trailer' automatically added by your email program to your outgoing 
>mail. Some of the 'digest' members really object to all the 
>superfulous lines that get added to each digest by such things. Would 
>you mind shortening it a little?>>
>It really upsets me that people can't come to me directly if they have a
>problem with me or my posts -- instead it seems that they have gone
>behind my back.  To me this seems mighty cowardly.
>As for the signature line ... There is no way to reconfigure my browser
>to shorten it for just this one list.  I have never had any problems
>and/or complaints from any of the other lists/newsgroups I subscribe to
>(there are many).  I use the same signature line for all of them.  I
>fail to see why it is so difficult for a person to hit the down key or
>scroll key a couple of extra times to go past it.
>Perhaps the people on this list don't think I'm "good enough" for their
>list (after all -- I don't even have my pump yet)!  I have tried to
>participate and learn from this forum.  I was even stupid enough to feel
>like I had some friends here that cared (live and learn) or that maybe
>this list was kind of a family (hahaha)!  I now feel that I can't trust
>anybody here because some of you have stabbed me in the back
>Well, if people here want me off this list, let me know.  Maybe you will
>all be happier without me!

I can really tell that you are feeling depressed and can empathize, since
I've had many of those days myself. And, I sincerely hope that you will be
feeling better tomorrow. I really don't think anyone wants you off the
list. I can't believe that Michael was aiming at you personally. And,
especially not because you don't have a pump yet. I was posting here for
almost 2 months before I got my pump. You're here to learn about pumping...
and this is the place to do it. You still have a lot of friends here.
Please don't let this incident make you think otherwise.

Since I don't normally read the digests, I don't know what problems that
long signature lines cause. If this is a real problem, I would suggest that
we all abide by the same rules. Maybe a suggested signature line limit
needs to be posted, so that we all know what is expected. Once we all know
the rules, I'm sure most everyone will be happy to abide. Maybe Michael can
address this.

P.S. Many email program will let you select different signatures for
different situations. Please let us know which mailer you are using and I'm
sure we can help you.

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