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Re: [IP] I have a question

> back when i was playing vollyball, the ref removed me from the game,
> and had me remove or tape down my med alert necklace before i would
> be allowed back in the game. their reasoning said they were aware
> that i was diabetic, and would alert medical teams if need be. that
> still doesn't make much since to me, 'cause i'd be out of their care
> fairly fast if i was needing medical attention. I ended up taping it
> down. i figured that would better and more noticable to have it
> taped down. 

Yeah, Lily has run into the same thing with league and championship 
play. There apparently is a strict rule about ANY kind o jewelery, 
medical or not. The really don't want metal imbedded in someone after 
a collision of two players or a hard fall. I don't particularly 
agree, but I know the medic alert issue is routinely discussed at the 
league coaching staff meetings ' cause I checked. I have seen a few 
kids carted off with broken bones after crashing into other players 
so there are probably some valid reasons not to have metal parts 
flapping around during play. Like I said I don't necessarily agree, I 
would preferr for Lily to wear one, but that's the way things are.

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