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Re: [IP] emails

Michael and Shelby Strong wrote:
> How do you open up headers?

If you're using Netscape open up the "View" Menu, move down to "Headers", 
and choose "All". It will show them for the current message and all that follow 
it until you switch it back.

If you're using another browser I don't know, it's likely in some menu or other.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

> >A couple of weeks ago, the NBC network affiliate TV station here ran a
> >story on SPAM.  They said that the Federal Trade Commission is now
> >investigating it.  The FTC is asking anyone who wants to forward copies
> >of SPAM to them at <mailto:email @ redacted>.  They are looking for things
> >like get rich quick schemes, some MLM, pyramid schemes, porno, etc.
> >Anything that is "to good to be true" can be forwarded to them.  Be sure
> >to open up the headers when you send it.
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