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Re: [IP] Op Site IV 3000 question

Sam wrote:

>Yes, I just poke it right on through... since the needle comes first
>(before the cannula), I would think that any possible debris would be
>pushed out of the way. If something from the IV3000 was blocking the
>cannula, wouldn't it stay blocked? Since it seems to fix itself eventually,
>maybe something else is going on. You're still bolusing the extra 0.8 to
>fill the cannula after inserting the set... right?

Yeah, I still bolus the 1.0 unit (oh, no... another thread on how much it
takes to fill the empty space in the cannula;-)). I imagine any adhesive
which gets on the end of the cannula would probably stay there for the
duration, but a small amount might be just enough of a hindrance to
interfere with low basal rates, but not enough to cause major occlusions.

Guess I'll know more as I continue with this stuff.

Thanks, Sam.

Bob Burnett

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