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Re: [IP] Op Site IV 3000 question

At 05:06 PM 08/31/1998  Bob Burnett wrote:
>I'm curious if anyone uses Op Site IV 3000 with Tenders / Comforts /
>If so, do you insert directly through the Op Site? Does anyone put Skin
>Prep on top of the IV 3000? (I think I read a message here that said a
>person does this with no problems). I don't do anything fancy with it,
>cut a hole in it. I just "jam the ol' cannoli (sp?) through it" - well,
>actually a bit more gentle than that ;-)
>I've used this stuff twice so far, and like it under the Tenders. Seems
>keep the site real "clean and neat", especially with hot, sweaty, wet
>activity. However, both times, I've had real high BGs the day after
>changing the set. The first time, I just rode out the first day, things
>returned to normal the next day. I'll know better tomorrow if this looks
>like a pattern.

I use the Silhouettes right over the IV3000. I've been doing this since I
was first hooked up back in early June. Never had a problem that I could
attribute to doing this way... in fact this is the way my CDE trains all of
her pump people.

Yes, I just poke it right on through... since the needle comes first
(before the cannula), I would think that any possible debris would be
pushed out of the way. If something from the IV3000 was blocking the
cannula, wouldn't it stay blocked? Since it seems to fix itself eventually,
maybe something else is going on. You're still bolusing the extra 0.8 to
fill the cannula after inserting the set... right?


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