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Re: [IP] emails

At 04:32 AM 08/31/1998  Michael wrote:
>> > I've gotten lots of spam. Usually get-rich schemes and occasionally 
>> > stuff. I just forward it all to my ISP's "abuse" address and then
>That does no good. The ISP abuse address if for stuff emanating from 
>their site. JOIN and send such SPAM to 'abuse.net'. They 
>automatically forward it to the correct ISP for disposition.
>I have a 50% success rate with disconnected accounts for such 
>spammers if the header contains their e-mail address somewhere.

Actually with my ISP it really does some good. They have a special unit set
up just to analyze SPAM and they actively solicit users to forward all of
it to them. They have some very sophisticated means of tracking down the
sources of these messages and they actively pursue them. I'm sure they also
forward whatever they find to whoever else can help. That keeps it simple
for us mere users.


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