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Re: [IP] Lilly scholarships...

I'm almost postive that this is no longer available to diabetics without
complications. When I applied for this two years ago, I was told that I wasn't
sick enough to get it, because federal laws had changed. Is anyone one out
there currently getting this?


>I too received college tuition from my state's dept of rehabilitation. 
>The paid my tuition and fees in full for being diabetic.  It took me 5
>years to complete college.  They paid for 4 of them.  I got married my
>5th year of college and for some reason, my husband's income (which was
>very very low), disqulified me from receiving any more money.  I can't
>remember how they categorized it.  It wasn't called a scholarhsip and it
>wasn't called a grant.  I had to meet with a state rehab counselor once
>each year about 1 month prior to school starting.  Appts. took about a
>half hour.  The counselor assigned to me took care of ALL the paper
>work.  It was a dietician the hospital where I was diagnosed that gave
>me the tip on this.  I am for ever grateful for having received these
>funds, as I would not have been able to afford college w/o it.  
>Becky D.
>Joseph Diffee wrote:
>> To Jenny and whomever else is curious,
>>     I got curious...I pulled out all my old undergrad. papers and the
>> scholarship was from Commonwealth of Virginia - Department of
>> Rehabilitative Services.  So call them up in your state and tell them to
>> show you the money!!!!!!!!!!  But don't forget...you'll have to tattoo
>> your rear, arm and forehead as "being a diabetic"...just kidding! :-)
>> -Tonya D.  :-)
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