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[IP] Op Site IV 3000 question


I'm curious if anyone uses Op Site IV 3000 with Tenders / Comforts /

If so, do you insert directly through the Op Site? Does anyone put Skin
Prep on top of the IV 3000? (I think I read a message here that said a
person does this with no problems). I don't do anything fancy with it, like
cut a hole in it. I just "jam the ol' cannoli (sp?) through it" - well, I'm
actually a bit more gentle than that ;-)

I've used this stuff twice so far, and like it under the Tenders. Seems to
keep the site real "clean and neat", especially with hot, sweaty, wet
activity. However, both times, I've had real high BGs the day after
changing the set. The first time, I just rode out the first day, things
returned to normal the next day. I'll know better tomorrow if this looks
like a pattern.

I'm sure it's pure coincidence, but am just curious if I'm maybe doing
something wrong. I wondered if some adhesive from the IV 3000 could have
caught the end of the cannula, for instance.


Bob Burnett

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