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Re: [IP] I have a question

back when i was playing vollyball, the ref removed me from the game, and
had me
remove or tape down my med alert necklace before i would be allowed back in
game. their reasoning said they were aware that i was diabetic, and would
medical teams if need be. that still doesn't make much since to me, 'cause i'd
be out of their care fairly fast if i was needing medical attention. I
ended up
taping it down. i figured that would better and more noticable to have it


>I can't figure out why a coach would let a student athlete not protect
>through wearing a medical bracelet. I would take this up with the coach, the
>principal and the athletic director. As far as Im aware of, there are no
>athletic rules which would prohibit this. Normal jewelry, I can understand,
>but this is a lifesaving bracelet. Make sure you are heard and let us know
>it turns out.

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