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[IP] Disabled R US

I think it is GREAT that some of us are able to profit from having
diabetes...i wish I had known about this stuff as I was going through college
and grad school, instead of just having to rely on good grades and good looks,
but I am a little concerned by some of the reasoning going on here.

email @ redacted wrote:

> as far as employement are-ie>can't be in military, police 
> or fire work-shouldn't do shift work etc. 

WHAT?  i have done shift work for years!  no one ever told me I couldn't or
shouldn't!!!  And I sure would NOT have changed my major based on my defect!
Simply being in theatre has meant I have had more bizarre hours than the
average book keeper.  I would call this kind of thing reverse discrimination -
don't single me out for special ed just cuz I am "defective."

> If your child applies, it will not keep any other child from getting 
> a grant.I was a little worried that we might keep someone from 
> getting the grant who was in desperate need of college funds.

I would like to know where this UNLIMITED funding comes from - are my tax
dollars paying for OTHER people's education?  Do you think they would help
with some of my outstanding hospital bills?

> ...department for students with disabilites. My son said he wasn't 
> going through that office-but knew a girl who did-she convinced
> him to go to the office during orientation. BOY-is he glad he did. 
> He will get to register for his classes before anyone else-he gets his 
> pick of times (and instructors).  That was enough to convince him-
> because 1st quarter no one got to register early and he ended up 
> with a 7am Calculus class. You can bet he will go through the rehab 

arghhhhh!  Freshman RARELY have the opportunity to pick and choose classes and
times...it is part of making us grow up and face our responsibilities.  I also
got "stuck" with an 8am recitation my first year in college with a teacher who
EVERYONE on campus feared and loathed - it taught me not to procrastinate when
it came time to register and it taught me that sometimes if you stand in a
line long enough and smile nice and behave politely when it is your turn that
you can sometimes get OUT of these nasty situations....the teacher turned out
to be rather nice, once he knew your name, and I learned how to avoid those
8am classes for the next 7 years of college!!

I am glad for your son that he has found a solution to his early morning
classes...It aint gonna work the same in the real world (not the MTV version).
Then, he will have to go speak to the personnel department and explain that
because he has diabetes, he can't make it in at 8am, like everyone else, so
can he get a special dispensation to come in at 9, cuz that is what his body's
schedule is best suited for.

I am sorry to sound ugly, I do not , as usual, mean it personally, but this is
like getting to cut in line at Disney...just cuz we have insulin that
shouldn't stand out in the hot sun...I don't want that kind of special
treatment, but I guess as Bob says. YMMV

*-)=B xoxx
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