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[IP] Just want to thank you "all"

When my dad gave me this computer 3 years ago, it just sat down in my
basement and I never dreamed I would ever have a use for it. I just kept my
nose in the books, looking for anything and everything that would help make
my sons life a little easier. Then this last Fall, around Oct. He upgraded
it and hooked me up to the internet. It was slow going at first. I was real
leary of it. Thought this was going to be something that would surely get me
into trouble. Since then, I have searched and delved into every diabetic
community I could find.  And although I have been on this list since about
March or April and have not participated very much. I have read each and
every letter and have even saved a few that I found very interesting. I now
consider this computer, because of sites like this and the people in it, a
true blessing. And I just want to take this time to thank you all for all
your valuable information, and thoughts and laughter. I will be thinking of
you all this Firday when Jason goes on the pump, and the first pain free day
in over 6 years.

                                Sincerely, Leisha Roberts
                                 email @ redacted

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