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Re: [IP] I have a question

> My son is on cross country this year. The coach has told him that he
> can not wear his necklace or bracelet of any kind while running. I
> am concerned that when he goes on the pump this Friday, that he may
> also insist that he takes off his pump. I am afraid that he may not
> let him run on the team if he does not. So my question is, does
> anyone know of any law that protects kids in school from this.

Yes, the Americans with Disabilities Act and another I can not 
remember the name of.

The school (under Federal Law) must develop a written accomodations 
program for any student with a disability. See his counseler and 
request that such a program be drafted. 

On the subject of bracelet/necklace. For contact sports, there is 
always the issue of items of jewelry injuring 'another' person in a 
collision, etc... it is a safety issue that is tough to deal with. 
For track, I wouldn't think it would be a problem. Try to work it out 
with the counsler and administration people first (above) then tackle 
the coach.

As far as disconnecting when running, I suspect that not only will he 
need to disconnect, he will probably need carbo to keep his bg's from 
falling if his basal rates are set correctly. Lily played a 
tournement this weekend and had 4 soccer games of duration 1+ hours 
each of running up and down the field non-stop. She does not wear 
her pump during the games (basal rate 0.7u/hr) and bg's are  usually 
about right or a little low after a game. If she works real hard, she 
is low at halftime (50 - 70) and eats glucose to get her up to 120, 
140 range. Evening and nightime bg's have been 66, 40 and 50, 55 on 
the two nights following the games. This is down from the prior week 
where evening and 2:00 am bg's were all over 150. YMMV

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