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Re: [IP] Re:square wave/split bolus

Renee wrote: 

    So, in other words ...the only thing you can be sure of about pumping,
that there's not much you CAN be sure of -consistently!!! LOL....But to
reiterate an earlier post, the beauty of the pump (and the input from this
group) is that even when things DON'T work, there's always another avenue
pursue, another suggestion to try, or another fellow pumper to corroborate
one's frustrations at something NOT working...

And the best thing about this group is that I am giving up a lot of my
guilt and frustration about bg levels not being perfect because all the
good people on this group seem to have, for the most part, the same problem
with inconsistencies.   I love hearing another pumper say "..went up to 250
and I can figure out why, had to bolus....".  When this happened to me I
ALWAYS felt wrong/bad.   Now I know, sometimes the body, bolus, and food
just does weird stuff. The good news is that the pump makes it easier to
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