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Re: [IP] Does the depression really go away?????????

Depression is caused by inability of seratonim to get transmitted into your
system.  Many of the medications help in crease seratonim levels.  The
inability of the brain to keep "normal" levels of this chemical does not go
away ever.  Many people learn compensation methods and behavioral
modification to help this.  Some people have bouts on and off through out
there whole lives.  My daughter will be on 300 mg desaryl for the rest of
her life, we are told.  Sometimes the doctor temporarily increases the
dosages if she is going through some rough times.  There are more ok to
good days now than bad days.  She has been on meds for over three years.  
Me, I swear by St. John's Wart.  Does the job for me.   But it would not do
a thing for her.     

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Subject: Re: [IP] Does the depression really go away?????????
Date: Sunday, August 30, 1998 9:22 AM

Depression takes a long time to go away.  I'd say it took at least 6 months
meds (Zoloft) before the swings stopped and I could say, wow, i feel good!.
Give it time, talk to your doc about your concerns.  They may need to try a
different dosage or another medication.  Keep working with it and work
the things which seem to trigger the depression.

you're doing great, Kerry.  Keep up the progress.  You'll get there.  i
it's hard, but it will get better.  Communicate with your doctor.

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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/