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[IP] Insulins

Hi all... I was looking at the web page, in search of info regarding 
insulins...I use humalog...have for years.  No worries.  My good friend 
at college has been a regular regular person for all his eternity... but 
apparently (I spoke to him today as we moved in from vacation -- we are 
in college) his doc wants to put him on velosulin (sp?)... he asked if I 
had heard of it, naturally I said yes...but when he asked me more about 
it...all I could say was "its buffered"...i don't have a clue, what it 
is, why you use it, what advantages/disadvantages are... anyway, if you 
wanna tell me, or point me to a web address whre I can find out.  That 
would be great.  A comparrison of insulins, reg, H, v, is what i'm lookin 
for.  (should that be a faq??)


James Lyons 
University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science
Computer Science Engineering Class of 2000

Honesty is the best policy, but insanity is the best defense
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