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Re: [IP] emails

Absolutely Sam, never reply.  You will just get more.  The lists that get
circulated are hard if not impossible to get off.  once your on... you just
have to start deleting.  Tips to avoid getting started on.  whenever you
fill out an online form be sure there is a statement saying that they will
not release your address.  Second, if you go to some sites run by the less
then nice, they CAN use the browser to find your email if its configured in
an integrated fashion...they are supposed to ask, but it is
possible....besides law enforcement is nil when the criminal lives in
sweden (or whereever)  third, posting on newsgroups -- they use robots
(programs) to sift newsgroupts looking for email addresses.  in your "reply
to line" change you address to something like
name@***no-spam-for-me**.normal email address.  with a line somewhere
instrucitn repliers to remeove the stuff between the **'s for your address.
 eliminates the use of automated email harvesters.  Third, always check off
the do not send me a thing option on web sites unless you really really
really wanna hear from them.  With that authorization, they are often able
to give your address to anyone they deem fit...thats probably ok, but THAT
person can give it to anyone they like, and people will pay $ for valid

Some tips from a comp sci major, who already gets about 15 spams a day
cause he didn't know these tips a year ago....

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