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Re: [IP] Site Corruption

Velosulin will last much longer (5-12 days) but has a longer time frame so is
harder to match to meals.  If you mix the two the results are better than either
alone.  Michael first talked about mixing here.  I've been doing it since January.

email @ redacted wrote:

> Jay, I know just where you are coming from.  I have only been on the pump for
> a month and am having all sorts of problems with the site.  I change sites and
> it goes fine until the next day and then all of a sudden my BGs are in the 200
> AND 300s.  If all is well thru' the night what happens during the next day?  I
> change the site but it takes mega bolus to get me back down to
> normal......ANSWER anyone?
> Judy T.
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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/