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Re: [IP] emails


A couple of weeks ago, the NBC network affiliate TV station here ran a
story on SPAM.  They said that the Federal Trade Commission is now
investigating it.  The FTC is asking anyone who wants to forward copies
of SPAM to them at <mailto:email @ redacted>.  They are looking for things
like get rich quick schemes, some MLM, pyramid schemes, porno, etc. 
Anything that is "to good to be true" can be forwarded to them.  Be sure
to open up the headers when you send it.

Good luck.

> I've gotten lots of spam. Usually get-rich schemes and occasionally X-rated
> stuff. I just forward it all to my ISP's "abuse" address and then delete it
> (my ISP tracks this stuff down and tries to block it). Just as a word of
> warning: NEVER reply to any spam, even those that claim you can use
> "remove" to stop it. I've heard that this is sometimes used to confirm that
> your email address is live and active. The delete key works much better and
> keeps them guessing.


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